We create attractive and creative content for more than just social networks

We Turn Brands into Influencers

We help brands create content that works and that others don’t have the courage to produce.

Our Principles

We’re Loyal

We’re an agency for the new world where old-school relationships still matter above all else. We’re also aware that trust has to be earned. In our case, that means ironclad product exclusivity – meaning if we work for you, we will reject your direct competitor.


We’re transparent. We tell our partners what we really think, and we won’t lie about the results of campaigns either. If a particular social network isn’t for you, we’ll let you know. We don’t seek out complexity when it isn’t there and we expect the same of those we work with.

No Bullshit

“Your video is doing great! It has 13 million views!” Yes, some analytic tools can produce those massive numbers, even in the Czech environment despite the country having only 10 million inhabitants. Agencies love working with these numbers, but we don’t juice results. We will only show you the meaningful indicators.

What We Do

We live for content and help brands stay ahead. These are the tools we use to succeed:



What’s your love brand? Where do you shop most often? What brands do you follow on social networks? Would you like your brand to be the answer to these questions? That demands a robust strategy, an unmistakable corporate identity, and a clear goal, as well as our help.


Online Campaigns

We create and plan creative online campaigns. We assemble a communication plan with video and image content that we will also create for you. We’re the right partners to help you launch a new product or to revive your current brand.



We plan out the video concept and produce the video from start to finish, including scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing, and even promotion. We create videos that have the potential to spread organically so brands don’t have to invest into paid promotions. That method makes the most sense for us while maximizing your value.


Profile Analysis

Your brand has an Instagram profile, but you’re not sure if you’re doing it right. Maybe your numbers could be better. Maybe the competition isn’t creating meaningful content. That’s where we step in to answer all your maybes. We’ll also propose examples of posts and show you what you really need to focus on.


Social Network Administration

Great content at the right time will help your brand pop on social media. Don’t have that? Don’t know what it is? Let us do the work for you. We’ll teach you to understand social networks. Or, we can take your profiles into our care and ensure people find them entertaining.



We know influencer marketing from every angle. We like to incorporate well-known personalities into our online campaigns when it makes sense. And let’s face it, few people are as close to them as we are. We don’t have a catalogue of influencers, but we have great friends that also happened to be among the most influential people on social media.

What We Don’t Do

We’re not a full-service agency, nor do we think we could handle everything. That’s why we try to avoid:

Who We Love as Partners

We don’t like using the word client. Behind each brand are people, and we usually become friends with them pretty quickly. We believe in long-term cooperation that yields results.

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The Clickbait Podcast

We very irregularly record our conversations about what we’re working on, what we like, and what we think didn’t work or wasn’t a success in our eyes.

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